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About the Work

In a world of hyper-specialization, Z Coaching Studio is a place where performers from all disciplines can learn the craft of effortless and efficient vocal production. With an approach that draws from body work, Bel Canto and Alexander Technique, singers are taught a straightforward technique that enables them to sing in any style. Just like athletes, singers must know how their body works, what their particular difficulties are and how to resolve those tensions and misconceptions. Once physical freedom and dexterity are achieved, the performer is free to focus on the stylistic demands of a specific genre. Over the years Z Vocal Studio has helped actors, opera singers, singer-songwriters, dancers, voice-over performers and amateur enthusiast gain control of their instruments and sing with greater confidence.

Voice Lessons Los Angeles

Roksana Zeinapur

Roksana is a voice teacher, vocal coach, opera singer and actor. She began her musical training as a pianist. She holds an MFA in Collaborative Piano and Vocal Coaching from the California Institute of the Arts, and a BA in Piano Performance from Pepperdine University. Roksana began studying voice while pursuing her MFA. Starting a new discipline as an accomplished musician gave her the ability to approach vocal training with a critical eye. She soon discovered that vocal training in many cases meant singers training other singers to mimic their own vocal style. Classical singers were taught to be operatic, musical theater performers where learning to belt, actors repeated riddles ad nauseum. It took years of Alexander Technique lessons, yoga classes, acting classes and voice lessons with teachers of all stripes for Roksana to be able to develop a clear understanding of what it takes to just sing — comfortably, efficiently, powerfully. When she began teaching she discovered how much more efficient it is to first train the student to be comfortable with their own physical mechanism, and only then ask them to sing coloratura or belt. She witnessed how much more powerful acting can be when the performer is able to truly connect to their voice and communicate the text with ease and flexibility. Her work at the studio aims to help students discover their true voice and then train it to express their deepest creative and intellectual impulses.

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