Student Testimonials

Working with Roksana I was able to integrate vocal technqiue and musicality.  Her knowledge of singing and incredible skill at the piano make her a wonderfully perceptive and insightful teacher. Roksana has helped me find my voice and understand it. She is a gem.


Danielle Birrittella, singer, actress and collaborative artist

Roksana is a generous and flexible teacher. She easily adapts her work to the situation, the number of participants, the time constraints, etc. She has a clear understanding of the voice-body relationship and offers her insights with a directness that is at once inviting and commanding. Her metaphor for relaxation and an open throat have had an immediate effect upon me as an actor. As Co-artistic director of ARTEL, I can say that Roksana's guiding of our warm-ups has prepared the ensemble invaluably for each performance. She did so with a precise efficiency and joy.


Bryan Brown.


Roksana's voice teaching is centered on the use of consistent technique, where optimal sound comes out of a body that is relaxed and balanced. Her approach is no-nonsense and holistic, always with an aim to de-mysetify singing and bring it into the physical realm. She is a  warm, generous and encouraging teacher. Time spent with her goes by too fast. In addition to her unfaltering musicianship, she brings a wide breadth of knowledge about other subjects--language, physiology, phonetics, and psychology to her teaching.  For us students, there is ever the lesson there that we sing with the entirety of our selves.


Sara Bencivenga, singer and sound editor

Roksana Zeinapur has a deep understanding of the physiological break down of the body, and how the mind is able to access the deepest parts of our being in order to relieve us from inner tension and stress. Roksana works in such a way that one feels both empowered and comforted; able to walk away with confidence to continue self-practive, and the assurance that they will be returning to a safe space when working with Roksana. I highly recommend this class for anyone who feels the need to deepen an understanding of how their body works, or for anyone who feels that they would like to live with more ease.


James Cowan, actor and dancer

Voice lessons have been very helpful in relieving everyday stress. I had mild cerebral palsy as a child, and doing  breathing exercises have helped me release tension and speak better. Breath support is a good way to get more oxygen to the brain and it's good for one's memory. And the lessons are fun because Roksana is such a sweet and wonderful person!  


Jenny Rozhkova, ballroom dancer and dance teacher

I have tried other vocal coaches in the past, but I'm most impressed with Roksana's style and expertise. I have been singing all my life, yet heard improvement very shortly after starting training with her. I would highly recommend her!


Ali Vassigh, attorney