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"The emphasis of the work is on the removal of the physical and psychological blocks that inhibit the human vocal instrument and its objective is a voice in direct contact with the emotional impulse, shaped by the intellect but not restricted by it." Kristin Linklater, The Free Voice


Voice lessons at Z Vocal Studio incorporate Yoga and Alexander Technique, and are rooted in the classical Bel Canto tradition. These tools are used to build the total singer from within, true to their own body, mind and spirit.


Voice lessons incorporate physical preparation and warm up, breath work, vocal exercises, repertoire preparation and acting exercises. Students are taught how to release unnecessary physical tension and how to engage proper musculature to support the voice. Vocal exercises are geared towards the acquisition of optimal diction.


How we shape our mouths to form words directly affects our tone, our ability to sing in pitch, vocal range and ease. Undoing our speaking habits and learning more efficient ways to produce vowels and consonants is a central element of the technique. How we speak and phonate is also intrinsically linked to our psychology, and it is essential for students to address the questions: "What am I trying to communicate, and why?" Z Vocal Studio aims to establish a constructive work environment that teaches singers to recognize their challenges and gives them the tools to build themselves into the performers they desire to be.

The Total Singer​

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